Sea adventure event display error description

Time: 2018-12-29 02:29

Due to yesterday's update, the number of "Sea Adventure" activities in the S 1 showed a display problem. The main reason was the activity time reset mechanism. The activity was updated once a week, and the number of times would not be reset after one week.


The number of pre-updates and post-updates is always the same, and the rewards are calculated according to the tiers. If you receive 5 rewards before the update, then after the update, regardless of whether the tier values and rewards change, the top five rewards in the event still show “Claimed”, but you can still complete the tiers that show “unclaimed” status.

After reset the number of times next week, all will return to normal.

In order to express our apologies, we will issue certain compensation to your email address, Thanks for your understand.

Compensation: Diamond* 100, Salvage Rope*5, Vitality*150


Contact us if you have any question.


Thank you again for your support of One Piece H5.

OnePiece Operating Team

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